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Uncle Nathan’s FU Sauce


FU Sauce has the same tasty ingredients as the original sauce with twice the amount ghost and habanero peppers. The peppers are fried as to give the sauce not only more heat but also gives it a fantastic smokey flavour. Excellent on pizza and wings, but magical when used for anything on the BBQ.

Uncle Nathans FML


FML is something unique than our other hot sauces. It has been created to enhance your favourite BBQ sauced and marinades. Its the best friend to Smoke Masters and Jerky Makers ! just put it straight on any of your BBQ food

it is hotter than Trippin Ballz and

Current Guinness Book Champion

Uncle Nathan’s Original Hot Sauce(Hot)

Great building heat and packed with flavour. Twenty-two ingredients are combined to create this tasty hot sauce including roasted garlic, ginger, apple, pineapple, along with fresh herbs. All natural and gluten free. Use it to add some spice to your favourite dishes!

Something Special

Nathan has been a successful chef for 22 years, 12 of which he was the head or executive chef of exclusive speciality restaurants in Australia.  He operated large clubs cooking meals for 400+ people per night and managed functions for up to 600 people.  For 10 years, he was the executive chef at a renowned steak house where he served well over 500,000 steaks during his tenure.  He also did catering for large concert events in the Aussie Wine Region.  Uncle Nathan then met his future wife (who is from Hamilton) while she was travelling in Australia.      

After immigrating to Hamilton, he was nominated for “Best Local Chef” and “Best Mexican Restaurant” by the readers of The Hamilton Spectator.
  As a proud new Canadian, he has recently developed, and now produces a gourmet line of hot sauces.  Uncle Nathan’s Hot Sauce is the result of his many years of culinary experience and his personal pride and joy in providing all natural and gluten free products. 

A Bit About Uncle N8

Uncle Nathan’s Trippin’ Ballz


This is the hottest Uncle Nathan’s Hot Sauce (for the experienced chili lovers only).

The Scorpion Trinidad & Moruga Peppers are world record breakers. They beat the Ghost Pepper by almost double in heat. Great to use sparingly in cooking for it delicious flavour or if you like extreme chili heat - use it as you like!


Current Guinness Book Champion

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Uncle Nathans Hot Sauce